The Cast and Characters

(From left to right: Jackson, Kenyon, Alexandra, Alex and Tyler)
Kody is voiced by Kenyon Tunheim, who when not in lockdown, attends an international boarding school as a day student. He is currently celebrating the close of his 6th grade year and plans on spending his summer Minecrafting and eating fresh berries until his hands are permanently stained. When his parents force him off his beloved electronics, he finds enjoyment in cooking, needle felting and wrestling his older brothers and cousin.
Alex Tunheim shares a name with the character he voices and also spends his time playing guitar and other assorted instruments. He has lived in four countries and currently attends an international boarding school as a day student. He is always ready for adventure whether it is hiking, surfing, or scuba diving. He has acted in multiple school plays and someday hopes to be a musician and travel the world.
Mr. Z is voiced by Sam Tunheim (aka Mr. T), who grew up in a small surf/hippie/liberal college town in northern California. Leaving California to carve his own path, he settled in Colorado where he met his wife and started a family. With a hankerin’ for adventure, they set out to raise their three boys abroad, living in Australia, Bangladesh and as of this year, the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India (before recent events brought them temporarily back to the United States).
Annie Tunheim, who voices Ms. Winston, named her character after her beloved former pet weimaraner. A former attorney-turned teacher, Annie loves wandering new streets with a camera alongside her husband and sons. She is always on the hunt for an interesting new podcast to listen to and is thrilled at the opportunity to create one with her older brother at the helm.
Nova is voiced by Alexandra Doig, who is also a sophomore in high school. Her favorite subjects are History and English, though she thinks Science is also pretty cool. Less of a science nerd than her character, Nova, Alexandra can usually be found re-reading her favorite books, Dungeon-mastering a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for friends, or scheming a new kind of goodie to bake.

Although Tyler Doig voices the part of a boy who goes by the same name, unlike his character, he is decidedly not a conspiracy theorist. As a 7th grader in Southern California, his favorite classes are STEAM and Science. He has a dog named Leo who is 10 years old, and he loves reading and playing video games.
Jackson Tunheim, the voice behind Charlie, is a day student at an international boarding school. He is an avid swimmer and sports enthusiast and enjoys scuba diving. He thinks that leaving his home country was the best thing that ever happened to him, and getting to explore new countries is a passion.

Matthew Doig is the voice of Captain Devol, and he is also the writer and producer of the podcast. In his spare time, he’s the Network Investigations editor at USA TODAY. He is based in Los Angeles.

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