“These kids need your help. You might be their only hope.”

Captain Devol, head of the federal task force searching for the five missing students

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About Chelten Academy

Chelten Academy for Advanced Students admits students from varied backgrounds who possess exceptional talent and skills in a wide range of disciplines. The school’s origins, location and purpose are shrouded in secrecy of no concern.

Cast and Characters

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Student Portfolios: CLASSIFIED

Contains material under consideration to be released to the public.
Contains material under consideration to be released to the public at a future date.

The Backstory

We didn’t plan to create a podcast to share with the world. Back in mid-March, the Tunheims — who work and attend school in a remote part of India — were in Sri Lanka as India closed down its borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So they decided to head to Los Angeles and quarantine with their relatives, the Doigs.

We needed a project that would help us keep five kids — ages 12 through 17 — busy, engaged and entertained. We decided to create a podcast episode that was loosely inspired by some of the movie, TV shows and books that we enjoy.  None of us are trained voice actors, and although there’s a writer among the group, none of us had ever used the software needed to pull all of the audio together. So we expected the finished product to be something awful and embarrassing that would only be fit to share with our family and friends.

But about halfway into the effort, we realized: this is slightly better than awful and embarrassing. The software wasn’t too difficult to wrangle, and the kids were doing a phenomenal job voicing their characters. By the time we wrapped up the first episode, we decided we might as well post it online for anyone who might be interested. We know all too well that there are parents, teachers and kids out there looking for a fun activity to stay busy.

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. We’re thinking about continuing the story, but it depends on whether you’re interested — so please, let us know what you think!

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